QIANA HICKS HAS BEEN NAMED A TECHNOLOGY ALL-STAR by the National Women of Color in Technology.


Technology All-Stars are accomplished women of color from mid-level to advanced stages of their careers (approximately 22 or more years in the workforce) that have demonstrated excellence in the workplace and in their communities. 

They are honored at a special recognition event during the annual Women of Color STEM Awards Conference.

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My name is Qiana Hicks. I’m a mother, college graduate, a career professional, and an author. I began my career in 1997 at a financial institution as a Customer Service Representative. In addition to working full-time, I attended junior college where I obtained an Associate Degree in Applied Science, which landed me a job with the company’s Information Technology (IT) department as help desk support.

I shortly realized in order to grow and to advance would require a higher education, so I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. After successfully serving in the helpdesk support role for two years, and while pursuing my bachelor’s degree, I applied and received a role in Software Engineering.

In this capacity, I learned how IT could be a competitive advantage. I increased my knowledge and skills by learning to program in various software languages. As I continued to increase my experience and skills as a programmer, I was able to take on more responsibilities by becoming the Technical Lead in testing and quality assurance.

I wanted to prepare myself for further business challenges and opportunities, as well as, increasing leadership possibilities. I knew that in order to be successful in business and continue to grow, I had to have a well-rounded education, combined with real world experience.

For those reasons, I furthered my education by achieving a Masters in Business Administration, and I secured a Senior Manager role in Software Engineering.

I have received numerous STEM awards and National Women Of Color In Technology.

I grew up as a disadvantaged youth where my parents battled with drug and alcohol addiction, which caused me to live through tumultuous growing-up years. I didn’t let that stop me from dreaming of better. I used my growing-up years as an example of what I didn’t want for my future or myself.

I worked tirelessly to overcome my past and not following the same path as my parents. As my life and career continues to progress, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come. That alone is enough to keep me striving for better each day.

I enjoy speaking and inspiring others to follow their dreams. I have a passion for sharing information and helping others reach their full potential. My goal for conducting speaking engagements and workshops is to make a positive impact on ones life that would inspire and motivate them to create plans and set goals for creating a brighter future. I will share resources and tools that will help them be successful along their journey. I will teach them techniques on dealing with challenges, overcoming obstacles, and beating the odds. I look forward to discussing with you how I might tailor a speech for your group or event.

Qiana Hicks, MBA
IT Professional, Author, Speaker

QIANA HICKS SPEAKING TOPICS Keynotes / Workshops / Seminars

Education Is The Only Way Out 

  • Don’t cheat yourself out of getting a quality education because of your surroundings.
  • Build a strong work ethic early on. This will help you help you stay the course as your education and career journey becomes more challenging.
  • Having a quality education open doors for opportunities that can afford you a better, brighter future.

When The Going Gets Tough 

  • Building a better future isn’t going to be easy
  • Sacrifices will need to be made along the way
  • Mistakes will happen
  • It is important that we learn from our mistakes or poor choices
  • Resilience is key to staying the course
  • Have faith in yourself

Dare To Be Different

  • Create your own identity from those who are around you
  • Think differently than others
  • Don’t be afraid to step outside of the norm
  • Reach for the stars and do not conform to your surroundings

Don’t Beat Yourself UP

  • Mistakes happen. It’s all a part of learning
  • You will have a chance to do better next time around
  • Learn from it and keep it moving
  • Take one day at a time
  • You are not the only one to get it wrong

Don’t Give Up

  • Push yourself harder each day
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel
  • Victory comes to those who don’t quit
  • Your loved ones and others are counting on you
  • Your determination may influence others
  • Crossing the finish line is worth every obstacle you will face along the way

No Path Is Straight Forward

  • There will be obstacles along the way
  • Do not become defeated by those obstacles
  • Stay focused on your destination while getting through your obstacles
  • Get back on track ASAP
  • Do not let anything slow you down
  • Be selfish, put yourself first
  • Do not take on any burdens from others

While On Your Path To A Better, Brighter Future

  • Occupy your time with positive and constructive things
  • Increase your knowledge of where you are going
  • Study and research information about your goal (i.e., career topic, field of study, on the job training and so on)
  • Travel through reading
  • Read things that will keep your mind focused on your future
  • Read things that will motivate you and spike your interests even more