Our experiences are opportunities to learn from and to create a better future for ourselves. I know first-hand how to create something out of nothing.” –Qiana Hicks, MBA

Qiana Hicks

Qiana Hicks is a CAREER PROFESSIONAL who has overcome great odds to become SUCCESSFUL, and she has written a book to help others overcome those same odds.

My name is Qiana Hicks. I’m a mother, a college graduate, a career professional, and an author. I was born in Gary, Indiana, and raised in a single-parent home, for the most part. My parents were drug and alcohol addicts, and my father spent most of my youth in prison. I grew up living with an older brother and a younger sister.

OVERCOMING A DISADVANTAGED CHILDHOOD – My life can be categorized as that of a disadvantaged childhood. Due to my mother’s substance abuse problems, my biological father’s absence, and my stepfather’s alcohol and drug addictions, my siblings and I lived through tumultuous growing-up years. We suffered from many forms of abuse, neglect, and poverty. We were left to raise ourselves, for the most part. My family went through transition several times, where we were forced to live apart, while my mother underwent rehabilitation and incarceration.

TEEN MOTHERHOOD AT AGE 15TEEN MOTHERHOOD AT AGE 15 – At age 15, I became an adolescent parent. I worked tirelessly to overcome the challenges of my past, and position myself to face the obstacles of my future. I finished high school on time, then enrolled in college immediately after graduation. I raised my son, and, at times, my sister, while pursuing a college degree and building a career. I later obtained a graduate degree. I refused to allow my past to determine who and what I would become. I learned to use my past experiences as opportunities and lessons for my future. My past has made me wiser and stronger, and I hope that it will do the same for others.

SHARING MY LIFE STORY TO HELP INSPIRE OTHERS – No one in this world is perfect. We’re all unique and have different experiences, and those are the things that set us apart. But it’s what we have done differently to improve our future that is so important. Our experiences are opportunities to learn from and to create a better future for ourselves. This is what I did so as not to repeat the sins of my past. It’s been the best form of motivation, inspiration, and therapy I could have hoped for. My past is why I was able to share my life story (the good and the bad), hoping that it would inspire others, in similar circumstances, to be better at living their lives.

MY BOOK(s) CAN BE USED AS TOOLS – I would like to help your cause in any way, and I think my book, Life In Its Rawest Form, and its Companion Workbook, would be the right tools in doing so. I say this because I have walked the walk and talked the talk.

I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE VERY LITTLE HOPE FOR A BETTER LIFE – I know, first-hand, what it feels like to make something out of nothing. I know, first-hand, what it feels like to have very little hope for a better life. I believe my experiences and the wisdom I’ve gained from those experiences can be of help for someone else. I would commit to providing sound advice, and help in anyway I can to overcome challenges similar to mine.

MY MISSION IS TO HELP OTHERS WHO ARE DEALING WITH SIMILAR CIRCUMSTANCES – Coming from a single parent, disadvantaged household, I can relate to others who live in those conditions. I can also relate to growing up in an impoverished environment, where resources are scarce. All the while, I dreamed of one day having a better life. I became a mother at an early age, and most people had already counted me out as never becoming a contributing member of society. If my past experiences and how I applied them to making a better life for my son and me can inspire and motivate others, I believe my book can help you on your mission for helping others.